Author Workshops

I Love to Read Month is February Every Month!

Contact to book school readings and workshops. School readings/workshops include:

    1. I Love to Read Creativity Day  Dr.  Smith will read her books Earl the Great Gray Owl & Steve the Urban Rabbit. She then performs the songs she wrote called Steve the Urban Rabbit and Who Gives a Hoot about Earl?. Students/teachers will learn, hands-on, how to create an ibook, draw, and make music using the iPad. (Note: School iPads will be helpful but not absolutely necessary for this workshop. Creative alternatives provided.) . 

    2. Literacy Coaching Get your school started on a literacy plan that involves everyone. This is a full-day session involving all staff. At the end of the day staff will have created a plan that they can move forward with into the future. Best time to have this session is mid-year so plans can be started and then fully implemented in the new school year.  

    3. Anti-bullying: A School "Wise" Plan   This is a half-day session drawing on my research and school experience recreating peace and student-to-student harmony where there had been problems.

    4.  Mobile Literacy & Technology (ML&T) When and how we be teaching our kids to read using digital or paper books? This is a half-day session for parent groups and early years. I draw on my research and experience to show a way into the future that will make sense for the changes/complications presented by teaching literacy when it has gone mobile.

    5. I Love to Read and Write: Literacy is a Human Right This is an in-service tackling the immense job of providing the human right to be literate. When we consider that there are so many that have not been able to "learn" this right to literacy we must all become advocates and make plans for change. Learn about a great school-wide plan that tackles the: (a) 20% reading/writing disabilities, (b) moving beyond basic literacy, and (c) shifting sands of literacy in the 21st century resulting in reduced literacy abilities. Learn about the programs that literally changed their school literacy rates.