Poem on Human Rights

Photo Copyright (c) 2016 Karen E. Smith

by Karen E. Smith (c) 2016 

When the sky lights up at sunrise and sunset 
the Museum of Human Rights
shines in its most auspicious way
here in Winnipeg

the Museum is like a candle 
of hope 
There the bright sky shines
on the idea of human rights
making us all feel a part of solving issues
and part of the Great Creator’s ultimate plan 
since it is at the Forks
the historic meeting place where 

the Red and Assiniboine meet 

The early Indigenous groups first 
met at this place
6000 years ago
we all meet here now, reconciling

and trying to remember our histories 
trying to form new positive futures 
under the umbrella of human rights 
shielding us all from the shadow of 
dark pasts
letting new sunrise and sunset in through the clouds 
so past can be past. 

If you cite this poem, please use the following reference.
Smith, K.E. (2016). Human Rights (a poem). 47(1) Classmate: Journal of the Manitoba Association   
           of Teachers of English. Winnipeg, MB: Canada.